international women's day

International Women’s Day is on March 8 of every year. It is a global event that recognizes and celebrates the social, economic,

cultural and political achievements of women, and calls for the continuous advancement of gender equality.

Governments, Industries and Communities collectively celebrate International Women’s Day every year. The celebration also

marks a call for action on gender parity. The celebration of International Women’s Day started well over a century ago, and it’s

going stronger and stronger each year.

Purple is the favoured colour for International Women’s Day, and every community or organization picks its unique theme for

each year’s celebration.

The global International Women’s Day team announces a hashtag, which is adopted globally. For 2020, the hashtag is Each for

Equal, urging everyone to work diligently towards achieving equality for women.

This year, Network for the Empowerment of Women celebrates the Global Impact of Women in Business and Leadership.

Our IWD 2020 supports the works done by Adsum for Women and Children in forging a gender-equal world.

5% of all tickets sold will be donated to Adsum for Women and Children Halifax Nova Scotia.


#IWD2020 #EachforEqual

Ifeoma Esonwune
Founder, Network for the Empowerment of Women