Coach, Speaker and Facilitator


Mounfiq is a successful entrepreneur. She and her husband have built a hugely successful seafood exporting company based in Nigeria and now have offices in Nova Scotia, Canada. She is also a sought-after coach, speaker and facilitator.

Her journey to success wasn’t always easy. Her story is one of trials and tribulations, she has conquered what many of us can relate to. She now wants to share these profound lessons she’s learned to assist other women to be the absolute best they can be and achieve happy, fulfilled and balanced lives.

She suffered a tremendous loss as a teenager when her beloved mother died of heart disease. Her mother was and still is her biggest role model. She battled a chronic disease, raised four children and fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher and then passed away at only 37.

Without a mother, Mounfiq suddenly had a tremendous amount of responsibility to juggle. She knows all too well the demands that fall upon women. She went on to marry, take care of her siblings and have children of her own. While being a dedicated wife and mother, she worked with, her husband to build a successful company and at the same time climbed the corporate ladder in the banking world – admitting that she had to work ten times harder than her male colleagues to have her work recognized.

Her drive, determination and most importantly, her mindset, have contributed to her success. Now settled with her husband and four children in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Mounfiq continues to expand her seafood company with her husband and continues to share her knowledge as a coach to help women move beyond barriers and step into limitless potential.