About the Conference

International Women’s Day

Theme: Celebrating Global Impact of Women in Business and Leadership

Network for the Empowerment of Women is proud to be a voice in the fight for the advancement of gender equality. We are happy to join our efforts to that of the global community in celebrating International Women’s Day 2021, with a unique and inspiring Virtual Conference on March 6th. We #ChooseToChallenge

The Virtual Conference will feature an amazing lineup of inspiring, resilient, fearless, and audacious speakers from diverse works of life. The conference will provide opportunities for attendees to learn from leading experts, business leaders, and community influencers on how to make a mindful and meaningful impact in their business, community and the world.

Attendees will make meaningful connections, and learn useful tips and tools and tips needed to succeed and excel in their business, workplace, and leadership. They will learn how to bring themselves forward and take their rightful seat at the conversation table.

There will be performances and activities to keep all attendees engaged and interactive and produce an experience that will linger in their memories all year long.

Like the previous year, a portion of the conference proceeds will be donated to Adsum for Women and Children. We believe strongly in supporting other organizations doing incredible works to advance women’s empowerment and equality.

We must #ChoosToChallenge gender bias and inequality.


Ifeoma Esonwune
Founder, Network for the Empowerment of Women